Who is Jimy?

Jimy is a stock fisher, part of a new generation of wealthtech tools inspired by the legendary investor Jim Simons. Jimy employs complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to search the NY stock market for shares of companies that may represent investment opportunities in the short, medium, and long term.

Designed by Antonio Flores Aldama, a fintech entrepreneur known for creating concepts like Sr.Pago and Aseguru, the insurance guru, Jimy's stock selection criteria are based on two principles: quality and price. By utilizing fundamental company data, Jimy examines each company's profile, looking for value elements such as EPS (earnings per share), positive cash flows, profit, profit margin, among others. This way, we can determine that even when the selected stock is at one of its lowest prices, it could be the optimal price for a purchase.

After completing the initial review filter of fundamental elements, Jimy conducts a structural analysis of the stock price using its own methodology and indicators. Jimy aims to assess the potential gain of the stock in an upward movement through the identification of fractals.

In the same way, one of the most notable Jimy features is a real-time risk indicator that spatially assesses where the price stands in relation to the market structure. In automated tests using Bitcoin and Natural Gas, our system and methodology have proven to be effective, with an error coefficient of 4.62%.

As always, no system is immune to failures, and since Jimy relies on information from external providers, occasional verification of this information may be necessary. However, within your Jimy account, you can find a calendar that records each suggested entry for the stocks identified by the system.

Jimy is considered by some family offices in the United States as a decision-making support tool for investment and portfolio creation.

We will be adding more tools inside your Jimy account.


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who is Jimy?
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