How do i use Jimy?

Things to know.

1. Jimy is always scanning the market for stocks that had reached a bottom price and meet all our requierements for quality investments.

2. Jimy is a tool that help you to make value investments, most of the stocks listed here are ready to buy and have a hughe upside potential, sometimes the speed of the movements depends on factors like volume.

3. We recommend to all the users to have some stock market knowledge, Jimy is just a tool that let you know when some stocks have value elements that could make your portafolio growth.

It's easy to use the system.

You will find a list of discovered stocks in the home screen, this is the same list located at the right side in the stock profile for easy access.

That list of stocks offers a lot of options ready to rebound, remember that we are looking for the bottom price. (we suggest you to buy a limited quantity).

Not all the shares in the market are recommended to buy, but you can search for any using the Search bar located at the top of the website.

New at the stock market?.

1. If you buy and see a price drop don't panic, try to find elements that let you know whats is happening and for how long.

2. Search for the company information and try to see if this is a log or short term investment.

3. Create an investment focused on your life objectives.

4. If your risk tolerance is low please don't buy or do it in limited amounts.

who is Jimy?
how do i use it?
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